At Roo, everything starts with your brand. Everyday, we work with visionary, new or established business owners to capture their essence, and tell their stories in a way that resonates with their audience around the world and creates meaningful connections. Our Approach Our work in branding begins by asking questions and is informed by this inquisitive nature throughout the process. Committed to fully understanding our clients’ needs and challenges, we ask why? We arrive at the heart of a need, mix insight with design and market expertise, and respond why not? We don’t tell repetitive stories.  For each and every client, we apply our rigorous and systematic approach to arrive at new grounds, new experiences and tailored solutions. Our Services No matter what you do, your brand is the personification of your business that your audience interacts with on a daily basis. It is more than your face or logo, it is who you are to your clients, employees and stakeholders, how you are perceived and remembered. Our design process is founded on strategic thinking and problem solving. We create a strategic foundation upon which we make design decisions. We then proceed to create design systems that shape the basis of your branding. We imagine everything that your brand needs in order to resonate with its audience and leave a lasting impression, and we create it. In doing so, we create unique and memorable experiences that appeal to the senses and create lasting relationships.

Branding & Rebranding Services

•   Brand strategy [positioning + story + messaging + portfolio analysis + value proposition + naming]

•   Brand identity + style guidelines + visual, verbal and digital assets At Roo Studio, we are committed to the brands that we create. To bring identities and ideas accurately to life, we accompany them throughout their encounters with our Lifeline Services, providing inclusive design services that your brand needs on its journey to success.

Lifeline Services to our brands

social media design | graphic design |  photography| artwork | illustrations | video production| print + production| motion graphics| campaigns | advertising design | event design| retail and interior design | design consultation   

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