El was established as a FURNITURE COMPANY focusing on importing fine furniture, lighting and accessories, representing the most exclusive Italian interior design brands in Iran. At its inception, it approached Roo Studio with a need for branding, requesting all aspects of its brand to be defined and designed.

The main part of the brief was to create a first-rate luxury brand all around, starting with naming to the very last details such as a premium quality for printed materials.

We set upon adhering to criteria that is of importance in lUXURY BRANDING. As part of our idea generation for naming the brand, we created a set of keywords associated with luxury furniture and exclusivity. When examining these, we realized that a number of these keywords, such as luxury, luxurious, level, and others started with the letter “L”. We decided to use this letter and instead write it out phonetically as “El”, to arrive at a short, easily recognizable and sensually evoking name for the brand.

Further experimenting with the letter and now the name, we decided on a tagline that used the letter “L” as a strong component, summarized the brand essence, and evoked its senses. Consequently, we generated the tagline, “Life of Luxury” for the brand. Our objective for the brand logotype was to be very simple and stylish, and have a slight classical feel to it while still remaining contemporary. We therefore designed a logotype in serif font that is simple, with a narrow width and an increased x-height.

The increase in the height of the letters adds more sophistication and a sense of luxury to the brand that is in line with the fact that it offers the crème de la crème of Italian furniture to local customers.

We kept our branding serious, LUXURIOUS AND MINIMAL. A primary color palette of black, white and gold was selected to reinforce these notions. We further designed all necessary stationary for the brand including business cards, and packaging material such as wrapping paper and shopping bags.

The brand’s social media as well as website required high quality professional photography. We therefore, photographed El’s products and showroom.Accordingly, we designed the company’s website aiming to create a modern, luxurious and stylish experience for its visitors.